CO39 Laleli Virgin Olive Oil For Cooking


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CO39 Laleli Virgin Olive Oil For Cooking

“Designed by local cooks from selected mature olives”

For cooking, this virgin oil has higher lubrication properties and is able to retain the flavour of the food cooked with it very well. The oil is made from selected mature olives which are carefully hand-picked and to prevent the olives from damage, they are transferred carefully to the pressing process with minimum wait time. Any damaged olives are however discarded together with any non-fruit parts, for example leaves, during a very thorough washing process. The olives are pressed under cold conditions to extract the oil which is then stored in stainless steel tanks. Chemical Characteristic: This olive oil does do not exceed extra virgin characteristics with an acidity level of maximum 1.6% and peroxide value less than 15 meg02/kg. Meals cooked with this olive is not only tastier but at the same time contain less calories as its higher lubrication properties will allow you to use less oil.